On a rainy spring evening this past April, after the kids were in bed, Nate and I made the decision to put away two sets of much loved play things in long term basement storage. We prepared ourselves for the questions and complaints, but knew it wouldn’t come as a surprise to our…
Montessori inspired gifting for families
Series 2 I’m thrilled to be starting Series 2 with you today, which will continue weekly until the end of January. For those that have joined in the…
A warm hello again After another summer of family experiences and the transition back to school, it’s well into Autumn and I’m back with new series…
A Mid-Summer Check-in
Part 3 Resources, The Summer Prep Series
Temporary and moveableListen now (16 min) | Part 3, The Summer Prep Series
Methods In ActionListen now (10 min) | Part 2 Resources
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